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A combination of the innovative purification technologies RO, UV, UF to remove different types of impurities.


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We offers a large variety of water purifiers that ensures that your family stays healthy and free of diseases.


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We are one of the leading water purifier suppliers in Kerala .We are ready to give you the solutions of all your water purification needs. We provide quality UV water purifiers, RO water purifiers and water filters

We have been offering complete range of Commercial and Domestic water purification projects and after sale service.


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KRYSTAL WHITE -RO + UV + UF water Purifier

Water Filter Solution For Home

  • Diamensions: D7.7" x W 14.7" x H 21"
  • Multi Stage : PP, GAC, RO Mem,(UV or UF Optional)/ Post Carbon RO pumb wave-75 gpd
  • Storage Tank: 12 ltr
  • Installation – Table Top and Wall Mount
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